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ENVÍOS, CAMBIOS Y DEVOLUCIONES GRATIS para pedidos +40€ en España peninsular

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

There are a series of frequently asked questions that are frequently asked among our customers, and it is best to answer them below in case we can help you during the purchasing process

We have compiled all the questions you ask us through social networks, email and whatsapp

1. What size difference is there between the maxi and the medium and measurements?
We leave you a video that is super useful.
The maxi fits 5 towels, 2 puffy arm warmers, 2 full toiletries bags, 2 water bottles, 1 ball and a bucket with shovels.
In the median we would leave out 1 towel, the bucket with the paddles and the ball.
In the shopper it is perfect for one with their towel, their book, their toiletry bag. and his laptop.

For measurements, in all product sheets there is a link to a table, we leave it here below. The base of the bags is 22cm (except the shopper which is 20)
Model Top Width .Bottom Width        High  
Maxibag 76 cm 56 cm 41 cm
Tote - Medium 66 cm 49 cm 36 cm
Small shopper 60 45 cm 29 cm
Couch bag 31 cm

2. Are you going to replace the sold-out models?
No, we always recommend that if you like a model, you take advantage. Many of you know that there are models that last very little. The repellents were seen and not seen last year. Next year we will try to meet your demand.

3. Is the toiletry bag waterproof?
All our toiletry bags have a waterproof lining, but with seams. That is, if you put in very wet swimsuits, they will go through the seams and it will become damp. But a well-wrung swimsuit can be put inside and then left to dry and it will not leak.
Water-repellent toiletry bags have a treatment that makes a drop of water slide off the top. It is not laminated but repels moisture. To the touch, the fabric practically does not notice that it is water repellent.

4. Why do medium and maxi sizes have the same price in some models?
The two sizes consume practically the same amount of fabric, the manufacturing cost is practically the same.

5. How long does it take for the order to arrive?
Well, we have delivery in 24 hours that costs €5.90, which is met if the order is placed from Monday to Thursday before 11am.30, because it leaves that same day. And it is also true whether the initials are embroidered or not.
The rest of the orders, which cost €3.90, take 48 to 72 hours, although we always try to make it very fast.

6. How to get free shipping?
Oh oh oh oh. How difficult the issue of shipping is. It is important to tell you that it costs us at least €5.50 each shipment for online stores. So to make it cheaper, we put it on the margin and thus encourage you to make the purchase. But can you imagine putting at least €5.50 aside from the product? So for you to get the €90 free shipping, you can add initials or a solidarity wallet (whose profits go to Malawi).

7. Are the bags waterproof?
The bags are not waterproof, laminated. They are water repellent, meaning that if it gets wet, it does not transfer moisture. The bag gets a little wet on the outside, but wiping it with a cloth takes a little time to dry, but the contents of the bag do not get wet. We leave you a video so you can see it better.

8. Can they be washed?
Yes. All our bags can be washed in the washing machine, preferably cold and alone. Eye! a weak spin. If it is true that bags have stronger colors, the first washes it is better to be careful with the temperature, which has happened to all of us when we put the washing machine on the last program it was on and it turns out that it was 30º or 40º. Then it can shrink or damage the fabric.